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Celeste the Blue Girl

  • “Celeste the Blue Girl” is a story about a sweet and lovely girl. When her family moved to Brazil, she started confusing her name “Celeste” with the blue celeste color and thought that she was really blue.
  • Join Celeste in this fascinating adventure until she can find the real meaning of her name and is able to restore her self-esteem.
  • In this sweet and captivating story, children will discover a hidden bunny within the colorful pages.
  • Multilingual: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Professional voice-over.
  • “Read to me” – automatic reading of the story.
  • “I read myself” – you control the reading.
  • 23 colorful pages and charming illustrations.
  • A bonus of 5 extra coloring pages.
  • Background music.
  • Children will be able to animate a bunny and other images through interactive activities.
  • Christian themed.

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