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Children Stories

Celeste Test-2

“A story about a sweet and lovely girl that thought she was really blue.
Join Celeste in this fascinating adventure until she can find the real meaning of her name…”

Celeste, the Blue Girl    |   

200x200 AZUL

“Uga-Uga is an inspiring story of determination, courage and bravery. A little boy is discriminated because of his height, but, when there is an accident, he becomes the tribe’s hero.”

Uga-Uga the Brave Boy   |   Read more…


“An inspiring story to help children with acceptance and self-esteem. Kids will love to see the clever ways the bunny attempts to hide the crooked ear until the bunny finally discovers God’s love.”

The Bunny with a Crooked Ear   |   Read more…

Icono Estrellita

“An uplifting story of friendship between a Star and the little animals. Kids will love to see the ways the little animals try to help the lost star and how she imagines in what situation she will be.” 
The Star that Fell from Heaven   |   Read more….

Smelly bunny-FREE

“How can a soft and pretty bunny can cause such panic among the children in the playground?

A great lesson to help children understand the consequences of bad friendships.”
The Smelly Bunny   |   Read more….

Amargadito“Grumpy Boy is an inspiring story about a boy in search of a genuine love. The boy was raised without love and grew angry and bitter until the day he kicked a television and his future was changed forever.”
The Grumpy Boy   |   Read more….


Interactive stories made with KWIKSHER and CORONA

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